A judge dropped the gavel on Joe Biden and delivered this massive defeat

Joe Biden had a rough day in court.

Now Biden could be forced to reveal one of the biggest abuses of power from his time in office.

And a judge dropped the gavel on Joe Biden delivering this massive defeat.

Western Louisiana U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty ordered the discovery phase of the lawsuit filed by the states of Louisiana and Missouri against the Biden administration over pressuring tech companies to censor conservative voices.

The lawsuit alleged the Biden Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security violated the Administrative Procedures Act by colluding with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to censor dissenting views as “misinformation.”

Missouri Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt praised the decision as a major win in the fight against left-wing Big Tech censorship of conservatives.

“In May, Missouri and Louisiana filed a landmark lawsuit against top-ranking Biden Administration officials for allegedly colluding with social media giants to suppress freedom of speech on a number of topics including the origins of COVID-19, the efficacy of masks, and election integrity,” Schmitt declared. “Today, the Court granted our motion for discovery, paving the way for my office to gather important documents to get to the bottom of that alleged collusion. This is a huge development.”

This is the second instance of critics of Big Tech censorship scoring a major win.

Twitter recently reinstated journalist Alex Berenson’s account.

Berenson found himself on the Biden administration’s enemies list because Berenson posted facts and data showing the COVID vaccines were not nearly safe or effective.

After Twitter banned his account, Berenson sued and the discovery process yielded documents that showed administration officials pressuring Twitter to censor Berenson over his debunking of the administration’s vaccine narrative.

Attorney General Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s ability to compel discovery by the Biden administration could turn up a treasure trove of documents showing the Biden administration pressuring social media to silence critics.

Thanks to the First Amendment, Social media companies cannot legally censor on orders from the U.S. government.

The Supreme Court has long established case law that says if a private entity takes action on behalf of the government, they are now an agent of the state and therefore, freedom of speech must be protected to the fullest extent.

When a private actor becomes an agent of the state, they now fall under the Constitutional limitations of the Bill of Rights.

In this case, it means Missouri and Louisiana may receive proof the Biden administration violated the Constitution by pressuring Big Tech companies to ban conservatives.

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