A grand jury asked one question that is bad news for Joe Biden

Joe Biden is in bigger trouble than anyone realizes.

It all comes back to Hunter Biden and his “laptop from hell.”

And now a grand jury asked one question that is bad news for Joe Biden.

The sprawling federal investigation into Hunter Biden continues to produce damaging bombshells about the Biden family.

Corporate-controlled media outlets bend over backwards to try and claim Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals don’t present any problems for Joe Biden.

But that is not true.

Another bombshell story in the New York Post revealed the grand jury asked one witness who the “big guy” was in an email claiming 10 percent of a deal with a Communist Chinese energy company would be “held for the big guy.”

The New York Post reports:

A witness who testified before the Hunter Biden grand jury was asked to identify the “big guy” in the first son’s planned deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate — as calls ramped up to have President Biden included in a conspiracy probe.

The question arose after the witness was shown a piece of evidence while appearing in secret before the panel in Wilmington, Del., a source familiar with the proceedings told The Post.

Former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski told the New York Post back in October 2020 that the “big guy” was none other than Joe Biden.

The New York Post also reports:

The US Navy veteran accused former Vice President Joe Biden of being directly involved in a plot to make millions of dollars, identifying to him as “the big guy” named in the May 13, 2017, email.

That email showed the four partners each getting 20 percent shares in the business, with 10 percent going to “Jim” and the remaining 10 percent “held by H for the big guy?”

Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Communist Chinese energy company CEFC are now at the heart of the federal probe into Hunter Biden’s finances.

CEFC reportedly paid entities controlled by Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother James $4,800,000.

Joe Biden’s role in this shady scheme to sellout to America’s greatest rival is one of the great mysteries of this investigation.

But grand jury questions to witnesses have a way of forcing unexpected truths to light.

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