A former Obama official made a startling statement that left Joe Biden red with rage

Joe Biden’s first year as President has been a spectacular failure.

Even Democrats are terrified he could ruin their plans.

And a former Obama official made a startling statement that left Joe Biden red with rage.

Joe Biden was handed a successful recovery from the devastation of the pandemic by President Trump.

It took him less than a year to set the economy back decades with his incompetence.

Biden went on a debt-financed spending spree that would make a drunken sailor blush.

After wasting trillions of dollars on left-wing giveaways, inflation is running rampant.

Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, with no signs of slowing down.

A desperate Biden has tried to lie his way out of the problem.

At first, his excuse was that the problem was only temporary.

When people could see through that, he moved onto the tried and true Democrat tactic of blaming businesses for the problems the government created.

He’s now blaming “price gouging” by businesses and the supply chain crisis he created for his inflation.

His Justice Department is investigating companies for “exploiting” the supply chain crisis to raise prices.

So ridiculous are these excuses that one former Obama official called him out.

Steve Rattner, the former Obama auto bailout czar, unloaded on Biden in the pages of The New York Times.

The article hit Biden right off the bat with the title, “Biden Keeps Blaming the Supply Chain for Inflation. That’s Dishonest.

“Supply issues are by no means the root cause of our inflation. Blaming inflation on supply lines is like complaining about your sweater keeping you too warm after you’ve added several logs to the fireplace,” Rattner remarked.

“The bulk of our supply problems are the product of an overstimulated economy, not the cause of it,” he continued.

In commenting about rising inflation he said, “Note to Mr. Biden: You can’t blame clogged ports for that.”

He then moved onto the ridiculous excuse of “price gouging.”

“The White House needs to be more honest as it rolls out initiatives.  It has promised robust antitrust enforcement . . . it will have no discernible impact on competition or prices for years.  And the high prices of meat and hearing aids, both of which Mr. Biden has vowed to address, are not at the heart of the current problem,” he continued.

He concluded by saying the regime needs to make “deficit reduction as important as its other initiatives.”

This is a stunning rebuke of Biden in the pages of The New York Times by someone he served with under Obama.

Rattner has been a frequent critic of Biden’s inflationary policies.

Earlier, he blasted Biden for the inflationary damage caused by Biden’s pork-filled COVID “relief” bill.

With Obama officials attacking him over his disastrous policies, it could be a sign that Democrats are ready to pull the political plug on Biden.

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