A former Obama advisor said two words that caused Joe Biden to turn red with rage

Joe Biden has been an absolute catastrophe for the country.

Even Democrats are starting to reluctantly admit he’s been a disaster.

And a former Obama advisor said two words that caused him to turn red with rage.

Joe Biden, in less than a year, managed to ruin the economic recovery from the pandemic.

His big spending socialist policies and incompetence have left the economy on the verge of a recession.

When the last jobs report came out, the Biden regime and its allies in the corporate-controlled media tried to spin it as a sign of the great Biden economy.

The economy added 428,000 jobs in April, which led the Left to try and take a victory lap.

Leftists took to social media to tout this as another sign of the Biden economic boom.

Democrats want voters to ignore 40-year highs in inflation, empty store shelves, sky high gas prices, and a stock market off to its worst start to a year since the Great Depression.

But former Obama economic advisor and University of Chicago professor Austan Goolsbee poured cold water on the Democrat’s celebration.

In an appearance on CNBC, Goolsbee set the record straight on the Biden economy.

“Nothing happened in this report (jobs report) I don’t think is going to change the underlying facts. It’s the Goldilocks report, but it’s Goldilocks in an awful situation,” Goolsbee said.

While Democrats are trying to tout the Biden economy, one of Obama’s top economic advisors admitted the economy is in an “awful situation” there’s no spinning this.

Despite a positive jobs report, the economy is a mess and things are only getting worse.

The first quarter GDP report showed -1.4% negative growth.

The technical definition of a recession is two quarters of negative GDP growth so the Biden recession could already be here.

Goolsbee laid out the problem facing the economy.

“The Fed is still going to tighten. We’re still up against this, can we manage a soft landing?” he asked.

To combat the inflation unleashed by Biden, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. 

The Fed is walking a tightrope act, raising interest rates, but hoping to not plunge an already sluggish economy into recession.

A “soft landing” would be raising interest rates to slow down price increases without tanking the economy.

“That big manufacturing number still makes me a little worried that we’re going off of high consumer spending on physical goods,” he remarked.

“Which we know is going to come to an end,” he concluded.

With prices rising faster than people’s income, the spending propping up the economy can’t continue.

Under Biden, wages are falling further and further behind inflation, leaving less money to spend on goods.

The Biden economy is a house of cards waiting to collapse.

Already, major banks are beginning to predict a recession within the next two years.

With the economic problems piling up, Joe Biden won’t be able to escape the damage he’s done.