Trey Gowdy obliterated Joe Biden by telling one simple truth

Joe Biden keeps racking up defeats.

It’s why his poll numbers are in the gutter.

And then Trey Gowdy obliterated Joe Biden by telling one simple truth.

Joe Biden went to Georgia and delivered an insane speech claiming that anyone – including Democrat Senators – who opposed legislation to place Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of federal elections was a domestic enemy and a supporter of slavery and Jim Crow.

The speech bombed big time as Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema refused to budge in their opposition to eliminating the legislative filibuster.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy went off on Joe Biden’s failed scheme to blow up the Senate and attack American democracy.

Gowdy pointed out the absurdity of Joe Biden traveling to Georgia to claim it’s too hard to vote in America when Joe Biden won Georgia in 2020 and Democrats picked up both Senate seats in the January 2021 runoff elections.

“It’s not hard to vote in Georgia. It’s actually pretty easy,” Gowdy said, adding that it is “so easy that Biden won in Georgia along with two Democrat candidates for Senate. Which is why it’s so hard to understand why he would want to denigrate one of the few southern states he has a chance to win. But he did, and he used deliberate misinformation to do it.”

Democrats need to nuke the filibuster to pass this federal election takeover scheme, and Gowdy wondered what other rules Democrats were willing to change in order to keep power.

“Biden wants to change the Senate rules, so he can federalize elections. He says voting rights are so important the rules of the Senate must be changed. What about the judges who preside over voting rights cases, they’re important too aren’t they?” Gowdy added. 

“Why not change the rules for judges? What about the U.S. attorneys and FBI agents who enforce these laws? What’s the use in having laws if they aren’t enforced? Let’s change the Senate rules for U.S. attorneys and FBI Directors too? And you need money to enforce and prosecute voting Laws so let’s change the rules for budget and appropriations while we’re at it,” Gowdy continued.

For all the Democrats’ self-righteous chest pounding about Constitutional norms and protecting democracy, Democrats are willing to throw them all away in an instant in the name of seizing permanent power in America.

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